"Michelle has been doing massages for me for the last 5 years.  She is kind, gentle, instructive and informative.  She believes in what she does and is willing to share tips to wellness that are vital to healthy living.  She has kept me pain-free of a servere condition of cervical arthritis.  I highly recommend her--she is gifted and talented."

-Gen. Clara Adams-Ender-


"I have been a client for several years.  I have been to several other therapists in the local area and out of town, including in Las Vegas and Hawaii.  Michelle believes in what she does and takes pride in her work.  She is caring and knowledgeable and more importantly, listens to what you are saying.  I always feel so much better when I leave a session".

-R. Gaudette-


"My name is Karen.  I have been getting massages occasionally from Michelle for several years.  Six months ago I was diagnosed as having a “frozen shoulder.”  After two months of physical therapy, I had considerable pain and was taking 9 to 11 Advil a day.  I thought it might help to get messages in addition to my physical therapy.  I was nervous about this, since I was in pain, but Michelle worked with me.  I have always been happy with her service, but in this case I was thrilled with the results.  I was pain free for the first time in four months and was able to go without Advil for 4 days.  I had a physical therapy session on Day 5 and only had to take 3 Advil afterward.  I now get a message every two weeks from Michelle, while I continue my physical therapy. My progress in physical therapy is increasing and I no longer have to take Advil for pain.  Thank you Michelle".




Every time I come to see you, I feel like a brand new person afterward.  My back pain is gone, I would sleep and eat better.  I love the home spa you have."



"Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much, You have given me a new life.  Let me share my experience with you.  My daughter Karishma who lives in Dubai comes up with unique ideas every year to surprise me on my birthday.

This year she surprised me with gift certificate at a Wellness Center which is close to my house in Wood bridge..I was not sure but went there for Ayurvedic massage to make her happy.

Wellness Center is  a beautiful place in a natural environment and I felt very comfortable.

Michelle Talbot is a wonder women with her magical touch relaxed my body and mind.

She washed out my back pain from the root in just one sitting.

I was having some dark scars on my forehead and I was tired of trying all types of expensive creams and lotions.  Michelle gave me a small bottle of oil for free and asked me to try it to cleanse and heal my skin.  She also gave me many health tips to stay healthy.  The oil is very effective and  the marks have faded almost 60% within 2 weeks.

I recomend my family and friends to see her before giving up on their health issues.

I thank Karishma and Michelle from the bottom of my heart."

With Best wishes,


"I had never had a professional massage before.  I was very aprehensive about what to expect.  Michelle put me totally at ease.  She explained each step and made me feel very comfortable.  I never realized how tense I was until my session.  It was so relaxing.  I will definately be going back for another massage."



"Michelle Talbot is a wonderful massage therapist.  She is very professional with a caring touch.  She really gets to know you and your individual needs, balancing medical knowledge to eleviate pain with a totally relaxing experience. Once I found her I haven't needed anyone else".

-Erin Westerfield-

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